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I would turn up at a coaching session with Erica very distressed about something.  I would come away each time with insights and increased understanding, calm and at peace. After a few sessions there was a sort of magic that happens within – a knowing that everything is going to be alright.

Thank you, Erica, your sessions have enriched my life, given me greater perspective and uncovered my resilience.

S.S. Devon

Working with Erica has been really easy - she seems to naturally create a safe space within which it is possible to have conversations about absolutely anything.  I have had many and various 'aha!' moments - often about things I didn't even know were on my mind. When we've talked about something that's been troubling me I (somehow) always seem to be able to work out what I need to do next - without really understanding how I've got there or feeling like it's taken any effort - it just all falls into place.

For me working with Erica has (mostly) involved having a really nice time over a cup of something pleasant with somebody who listens in a way that leaves me feeling truly heard.

M Davies

Because Erica was understanding and genuinely interested in me I trusted her which meant I found it easy to explore what was going on for me and to get a new perspective. I now know that feelings pass, I just notice them and do not need to fight them.

I worry less and no longer need to plan to the nth degree but hold things more lightly. Whilst working with Erica I managed to take the momentous leap of leaving my job! This was totally the right thing to do and I was supported by Erica as I did so. I am very grateful for her help as I move into new avenues of work and an improved work/life balance. Thank you Erica.

Vanessa Hurst